The Problem

Maximising performance and safety in laparoscopic surgery requires excellent visual field clarity.

Particulate matter produced by energy-based surgical instruments rapidly accumulates and obscures the visual field making difficult and complex tasks even harder. This “surgical smoke” must be dealt with.

Clearing the surgical smoke by releasing it into the operating room is inefficient, delays the operation and causes loss of pneumoperitoneum. Chronic exposure to surgical smoke may be hazardous to operating room personnel.

Using a surgical smoke evacuator can accelerate this process and minimise staff exposure but it results in a dramatic increase in patient exposure to carbon dioxide (CO2).  This increases the risk of post-surgical adhesion formation, increases the risk of post-surgical pain, cools the patient and complicates anaesthetic control.

For these reasons, smoke evacuators remain poorly adopted in laparoscopic surgery.

Watch the video of Ultravision™ in use

The product

Ultravision™ is transforming the quality of the visual field during laparoscopic surgery.

Its unique mode of action effortlessly and unobtrusively eliminates surgical smoke particles from the operative visual field without the need for carbon dioxide exchange.

This means fewer pauses during the procedure, less camera cleaning, and no surgical smoke particles released into the operating room. And, because there’s no gas exchange, Ultravision™ is CO2 sparing.

Operative field without Ultravision™

Operative field with Ultravision™

Why Ultravision™?

Ultravision™ has been shown to deliver benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers. In a randomised, controlled, blind study in laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the following benefits were demonstrated:

Greatly improved visibility

Zero release of CO2 into the operating room.

Surgery time reduced by 17%

No pauses in 77% of procedures

34%  less CO2 used

No camera cleaning in 85% of procedures

Ansell J et al. Surgical Endoscopy 2014

Improves Visibility

Fewer pauses

Less camera cleaning

CO2 sparing

No smoke released

Improves Efficiency