The Technology

Ultravision™ uses the proven process of electrostatic precipitation to eliminate surgical smoke and provide a continuously clear visual field during laparoscopic surgery.

The Ionwand™ creates negatively charged gas ions in the abdominal cavity, which move towards the “positive” patient tissue. As the ions move, they collide with water vapour and particulate matter and draw them away from the surgical site. Particles land, and the electrical charge flows back to the generator.

Unrivalled Performance

Electrostatic precipitation accelerates the natural process of sedimentation. It is faster and more efficient than smoke evacuation, with no loss of pneumoperitoneum.

Ultravision™ vs filter-based smoke evacuator

When switched on before cutting, Ultravision™ minimises surgical smoke production and precipitates 99% of particles within 30 seconds*

*in bench studies comparing the performance of Ultravision™ versus a vacuum-system when using monopolar, bipolar and ultrasonic instruments.

After 1 minute of continuous use, smoke evacuation removes 30.2% of particles (by number).

In the same time period Ultravision™ precipitated 99.9% of particles, independent of particle size, from 7nm to 10µm (p<0.05)*.

Improves Visibility

Fewer pauses

Less camera cleaning

CO2 sparing

No smoke released

Improves Efficiency