Ultravision™ components

Ultravision™ is a combination of reusable and single-use components. Set up is a simple, three-step process. The Ultravision™ system includes:

Ultravision™ generator

The Ultravision™ generator is a portable, battery-powered energy device.

Electrostatic precipitation is a low energy process. The Ultravision™ generator delivers 500-1,000 times less energy to the patient than electrosurgical instruments.

The Ultravision™ generator is purchased as a complete system, including patient return adaptors, batteries and a recharging station.

Ionwand™ Pack

The Ionwand™ delivers the energy to the abdominal cavity.

The Ionwand™ is supplied as a sterile, single-use pack. Each pack contains an Ionwand™ and a dedicated catheter and trocar that is used to introduce the Ionwand™ into the abdominal cavity.

Patient return adaptor

The patient return adaptor (PRA) allows Ultravision™ and monopolar diathermy generators to share a single patient return electrode when used together. Three variants are available: solid, split and Euro.



The battery is used to power the Ultravision™ generator. The battery is recharged using the Ultravision™ battery charger. Each Ultravision™ system is supplied with two batteries.

Battery charger

The battery charger includes a charging station and power supply unit. Each power supply unit is supplied with adaptors for international use.


The Ultravision™ 5mm trocar combines the functionality of a conventional 5mm trocar with the smoke clearing performance of the Ionwand™.

This integration enables simplified Ionwand™ placement with improved performance and ergonomics for more challenging laparoscopic procedures.

The trocar is ergonomic, lightweight and low profile:
– The dilating tip provides effortless entry
– A microgroove retaining thread offers excellent fixation and stability.
– The conical entry ensures easy instrument insertion.

Each Ultravision™ 5mm trocar is provided in a sterile single pack, complete with an Ionwand™.

Set up

Use of Ultravision™ is straightforward and involves four simple steps

  1. Establish a patient return path to Ultravision™ using a patient electrode:
    • The patient electrode can be shared with monopolar diathermy using an Ultravision™ patient return adaptor
  2. Decide Ionwand™ placement and introduce to the abdominal cavity using the trocar and catheter
  3. Switch on the Ultravision™ generator before cutting tissue
  4. Switch off Ultravision™ generator when cutting is complete

The patient return path

In order to function, the Ultravision™ system requires a patient return path to be established. This can be achieved in two ways:

With instruments requiring a return electrode

Monopolar instruments use an electrical current that flows through the patient and back to the generator via the patient return electrode

The Ultravision™ patient return adaptor is used to connect the electrosurgical generator and Ultravision™ generator.

With instruments not requiring a patient return electrode

Bipolar and ultrasonic instruments do not require an Ultravision™ patient return adaptor.

The patient return electrode can be plugged directly into the Ultravision™ generator.

Improves Visibility

Fewer pauses

Less camera cleaning

CO2 sparing

No smoke released

Improves Efficiency