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Set Up

Set Up

Use of Ultravision™ is straightforward and involves five simple steps:

  1. Establish a patient return path to Ultravision™ using a patient electrode:
    • The patient electrode can be shared with monopolar diathermy using an Ultravision™ patient return adaptor
  2. Select either 5mm Trocar or Ionwand pack
  3. Decide Ionwand™ placement and introduce to the abdominal cavity using the trocar or catheter
  4. Switch on the Ultravision™ generator before cutting tissue
  5. Switch off Ultravision™ generator when cutting is complete

In order to function, the Ultravision™ system requires a patient return path to be established. This can be achieved in two ways:

With instruments requiring a return electrode

Monopolar instruments use an electrical current that flows through the patient and back to the generator via a patient return electrode.

The Ultravision™ patient return adaptor is used to connect the electrosurgical generator and Ultravision™ generator.

With instruments not requiring a patient return electrode

Bipolar and ultrasonic instruments do not require an Ultravision™ patient return adaptor.

The patient return electrode can be plugged directly into the Ultravision™ generator.

Ultravision™ components

Ultravision™ is a combination of reusable and single-use components. The Ultravision™ system includes:


Ultravision™ Generator

The Ultravision™ generator is a portable energy device.

Electrostatic precipitation is a low energy process. The Ultravision™ generator delivers 500-1,000 times less energy to the patient than electrosurgical instruments.

Patient Return Adaptor

The patient return adaptor (PRA) allows Ultravision™ and monopolar diathermy generators to share a single patient return electrode when used together. Three variants are available: solid, split and Euro.

Battery Charger

The battery charger includes a charging station and power supply unit. Each power supply unit is supplied with adaptors for international use.


The battery is used to power the Ultravision™ generator. The battery is recharged using the Ultravision™ battery charger. Each Ultravision™ system is supplied with two batteries.

Mains Adaptor

The mains adaptor is used to power the Ultravision generator. Each power supply unit is supplied with adaptors for international use.

Single use consumables

Ionwand™ Pack

The Ionwand™ delivers the energy to the abdominal cavity.

The Ionwand™ is supplied as a sterile, single-use pack. Each pack contains an Ionwand™ and a dedicated catheter and trocar that is used to introduce the Ionwand™ into the abdominal cavity.

Ultravision™ 5mm Trocar

The Ultravision™ 5mm trocar combines the functionality of a conventional 5mm trocar with the smoke clearing performance of the Ionwand™.

This integration enables simplified Ionwand™ placement with improved performance and ergonomics for more challenging laparoscopic procedures.

The trocar is ergonomic, lightweight and low profile:
– The dilating tip provides effortless entry
– A microgroove retaining thread offers excellent fixation and stability.
– The conical entry ensures easy instrument insertion.

Each Ultravision™ 5mm trocar is provided in a sterile single pack, complete with an Ionwand™.