New global market for Alesi Surgical

Alesi Surgical Limited, the advanced minimally invasive surgery medical device manufacturer, has announced its entry into the lucrative trocar market estimated to be worth $800 million per year, globally.

Trocars are the access devices used in over seven million abdominal keyhole procedures performed annually worldwide. Alesi’s place in the market is now set to be secured following the award of the European CE Mark for the company’s Ultravision™ 5mm Trocar, an adaptation of its groundbreaking Ultravision™ product.

Ultravision™ launched in 2014 as the world’s first device for actively clearing the smoke that is generated by modern surgical cutting instruments during laparoscopic surgery, without the need for the slow and inefficient process of filtration. The device addresses a significant challenge for surgeons who, without Ultravision™, have been forced to operate with poor visibility and to pause surgical procedures at regular intervals to reestablish clear vision. Alesi has demonstrated clinically that the use of Ultravision™ can improve surgical efficiency and improve average procedure time by reducing the disruption caused by poor visibility.

Ultravision™ goes further by solving the problem of smoke being released from patients into the operating theatre throughout a procedure – something that is increasingly causing health and safety concerns to healthcare workers worldwide. Ultravision™ is the only product on the market that can protect surgical teams from exposure to the smoke generated during surgery whilst at the same time reducing the levels of cold, dry carbon dioxide gas to which patients are exposed.  Greater exposure to carbon dioxide is a feature of all other smoke-handling products, and it carries with it risks including increased patient cooling and more chance of post-surgical adhesions, pain and infection.

Now used in the UK, Europe and in the Middle East, Ultravision™ has received international recognition, including the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Cutlers’ Prize for surgical innovation. Two years on from the product’s launch, Alesi has completed development of its redesigned product – the Ultravision™ Trocar – which builds on the technology already harnessed and brings further benefits to those involved in surgical procedures.

“In simple terms, we have come up with something that is an all-in-one solution for surgeons,” said Dr Griffiths, Alesi’s Managing Director. “The UltravisionTM technology can now be delivered using a trocar, as opposed to being delivered through a separate device. The trocar that we have received approval for is a high-quality product in its own right, and by integrating UltravisionTM we are making the process of clearing smoke even easier for surgical teams. Surgical efficiency is improved, patient exposure to carbon dioxide is reduced, and the risk of accidental harm to patients caused by poor visibility is minimised.

“We have been overwhelmed by positive clinical feedback in early use and are now ready to begin offering it through our direct sales team in the UK and through our distribution partners worldwide.”

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