Ultravision is a revolutionary new system that clears surgical smoke from the visual field
and prevents its release into the operating theatre during laparoscopic surgery.

It achieves this effortlessly and unobtrusively by accelerating
the natural sedimentation of the smoke particles.

  • The Problem

    Surgical smoke is a significant issue during laparoscopic surgery:

    • Smoke rapidly builds up in the enclosed space, impairing the quality of the visual field and slowing down the procedure
    • Release of the smoke into the operating theatre is unpleasant for the surgical team and chronic exposure may have long-term health implications

    Current vacuum-based solutions used in open surgery have proved to be largely ineffective in meeting the needs of the surgical team:

    • Vacuum tubing is very narrow, making the process of smoke evacuation inefficient and slow
    • Repeated carbon dioxide replacement increases the risk of post-surgical adhesions and patient cooling.
    • Generators are large, cumbersome and noisy, which distracts the surgical team.

    For these reasons the uptake of vacuum systems in laparoscopic surgery has been poor.

  • The Solution

    Ultravision revolutionises the way in which surgical smoke is handled and transforms the operating theatre environment during laparoscopic surgery.

    • Stunningly effective – continuously clearing surgical smoke from the operative field of view;
    • Rapid – much faster than vacuum-based systems;
    • Effortless – does not require active intervention by the surgical team;
    • Highly efficient – minimises release of smoke into the operating theatre, including viral size particles (7nm);

    *Ultravision performance and safety has been demonstrated in bench studies, preclinical and clinical testing including a clinical study on 30 patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    • Silent, unobtrusive – no noisy vacuum system and does not impact on current surgical techniques and instrumentation;
    • Convenient – no desufflation of the abdominal cavity, no additional carbon dioxide used; and
    • Non-desiccating – minimises drying out of tissue caused by exchange of carbon dioxide during the procedure;
    • Cost-effective – reduces pauses during surgery caused by smoke build up and minimises use of carbon dioxide during the procedure.

  • How It Works

    The Ultravision technology is based upon “electrostatic precipitation”, an existing technology that has proved to be a highly effective means of removing airborne particulates. The technology shares the same principle as monopolar diathermy in that it requires a patient return electrode to function. Although the technology has applications in many minimal access surgery (MAS) procedures, Alesi-Surgical has initially focused on the use of Ultravision in laparoscopic surgery.

    The Ultravision technology involves the following steps:

    Establishing a patient return path

    This is achieved using a conventional patient return electrode, which can be shared with an electrosurgical generator by using the Patient Return Adaptor.

    Delivering a voltage to the abdominal cavity

    The Ultravision generator and Ionwand deliver a low energy DC current to the abdominal cavity. The power is 400-1000x less than electrosurgical instruments.

    Creating a flow of negative gas ions

    The DC energy source creates negative gas ions in the abdominal cavity that flow towards patient tissue


    Precipitating smoke particles

    The gas ions collide with the smoke particles as they are created. The smoke particles migrate to patient tissue where they are deposited.

    Charge neutralisation

    The negative charge returns to the generator via the patient return adaptor and the gas ions are neutralised.


  • The System

    The Ultravision system comprises reusable and
    single-use components:

    • Ultravision generator: portable, battery-powered energy source.
    • Ionwand: single-use pack containing Ionwand cable, catheter and trocar.
    • Patient return adaptor: to allow a shared patient return electrode with the electrosurgery generator.
    • Battery recharging station: to recharge Ultravision batteries.

  • Alesi Surgical (previously Asalus Medical Instruments Limited) was established in 2009 to commercialise the inventions arising from the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT).

    Based in Cardiff, WIMAT is the leading UK centre for
    training of laparoscopic and other surgical disciplines.

  • alesi-surgical-logo

    Our vision is to become a world leader in the development of new devices for advanced minimal access surgery

    We work with leading surgeons to identify and resolve issues commonly experienced when performing complex surgical procedures. Solving these issues will make these techniques easier and faster for the surgical team, safer for the patient, and more cost-effective for the healthcare provider.

    Routine access to highly experienced key opinion leaders and new trainees places WIMAT in a privileged position to receive feedback on the demands of modern surgical techniques from highly experienced practitioners and those new to the field. Alesi Surgical works with WIMAT and its network to identify issues with these procedures and potential solutions to them. Alesi Surgical then rapidly prototypes medical devices and through usability testing assesses whether or not the devices are capable of addressing these issues.

    Projects that successfully pass this decision point then enter full development. The company has strong relationships with a broad network of product development partners that allow it to take forward a wide range of mechanical and electrical product concepts. Alesi Surgical is focusing initially on the commercialisation of Ultravision but is constantly seeking and evaluating new product development opportunities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss such opportunities with commercial, academic and medical institutions.

  • derelfrederick

    DAVID FREDERICK (Non-executive Chairman)

    Previously VP Sales and
    Marketing EMEA, Covidien
    Managing Director, Healthcare 21 Limited


    DOMINIC GRIFFITHS (Managing Director)

    Ex-strategy consultant Gemini Consulting,
    Director of Business Development
    Phoqus PLC, Investment Manager,
    Fusion IP PLC

    Expertise in early stage company creation
    and founder director of Alesi


    NEIL WARREN (Chief Scientific Officer, Director)

    Head of WIMAT and internationally
    recognised trainer in minimal
    access surgery

    Extensive medical and industry network

  • DAVID MARSH (Non-exec Director)

    Founding Director of Elemental
    Healthcare (UK distributor)
    Ex-Managing Director of
    Gyrus’ Direct Operations


    PETER GRANT (Non-exec Director)

    Operations Director of Fusion IP PLC,
    Co-Founder of Celsis


    PETER BANNISTER (Head of Operations)

    Extensive technical and management
    experience in biomedical, aerospace,
    automotive and computer engineering
    Previously Chief Scientific Officer at
    Eykona Technologies Limited

  • Alesi Surgical secures £2.1m funding to drive commercialisation of Ultravision Funding to drive adoption via new distributor network

    Cardiff, UK, 30 March 2015 – Alesi Surgical (formerly Asalus Medical Instruments Limited) announced today that it has secured additional funding of £2.1 million to drive the further commercialisation of its lead product, UltravisionTM, which was developed from concept to CE-marked device with backing from IP Group and Finance Wales.

    The funding comes at an important inflection point for the Company. In 2014, Ultravision was awarded a CE mark, and the company appointed distributors in 25 countries. The new investment provides capital to drive adoption of Ultravision, which has already been trialled across a spectrum of the most commonly performed laparoscopic procedures in gastrointestinal, gynaecological, urological and colorectal surgery.

    Ultravision is a substantial advance on current vacuum based systems, which have been poorly adopted because of their inefficiency. Ultravision uses electrostatic precipitation, a proven method of clearing vapour and particulate matter in industrial settings, which had not previously been used in surgical applications. Last year the product was awarded the prestigious Cutler Prize, which is granted by the Royal College of Surgeons for innovations in surgical technology. Ultravision is compatible with all major electrosurgical instruments.

    “We have developed a simple, hands-free device that is unobtrusive in the operating room and delivers highly effective resolution of the issue of surgical smoke. Surgical teams involved in Ultravision trials were overwhelmingly positive, and the vast majority wanted to carry on using it after the trial ended,” said Dr Dominic Griffiths, Managing Director of Alesi Surgical.

    Peter Grant, Head of Healthcare at IP Group plc, said: “We have supported Alesi Surgical since inception, both directly and via our co-investment agreement with Fusion IP plc, which is now part of the Group. Over that period, we have been pleased with the progress that Alesi Surgical has made as Ultravision gains momentum and receives the interest and recognition it deserves from the surgical community. This next round of funding will allow the team at Alesi Surgical to further strengthen its sales and marketing activities as it seeks to take the product to market.”

    Finance Wales has made six investments in Alesi Surgical, alongside IP Group plc and the former Fusion IP plc. Ann Casey, Investment Executive at Finance Wales, commented: “Finance Wales has invested in Alesi, supporting it from its early stage research and development through to international market entry. The company continues to go from strength to strength. It has recruited a number of new staff at its Cardiff headquarters and is also making excellent progress establishing worldwide distribution networks. Ultravision has received some excellent reviews from senior clinicians and we’re pleased to invest in this latest round. We look forward to seeing Alesi achieve a profitable trading position.”

    In parallel with the funding, the Company has changed its name from Asalus Medical Instruments to Alesi Surgical. Derived from “arloesi” the Welsh word for innovation, the change of name represents a statement of intent by the Company to continue innovation in surgical devices that improve patient outcomes and simplify complex surgical procedures.

  • Asalus Medical Instruments strengthens management team

    A Cardiff-based developer of advanced medical devices has strengthened its management team with two new appointments.

    Asalus Medical Instruments has recruited Jon Lawrence as Commercial Manager and Joanne Campbell as Regulatory and Quality Affairs Manager as it continues to launch its revolutionary new technology UltravisionTM across the globe.

    Jon Lawrence joins the team from MediStim ASA with over a decade of experience in medical sales, the last four of which were spent in a cardiac surgical environment. Prior to MediStim Jon worked for Olympus as a Product Specialist for surgical instruments and systems, including its range of laparoscopic instrumentation. A multilingual sales specialist, Jon will be responsible for expanding the distribution network for Ultravision internationally.

    Joanne Campbell, formerly Quality Manager at Cellnovo, is a quality professional with over 25 years of relevant experience, the majority of which has been spent working within the medical device sector. Qualified to perform audits to ISO9001, ISO13485, TS16949, AS9100, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and cGMP, Joanne will assume responsibility for ensuring Asalus’ products and business activities comply with the necessary regulatory requirements.

    On joining Asalus, Jon said: “Asalus is already receiving overwhelming interest from the surgical community for Ultravision. I’m very aware of the problems caused by laparoscopic surgical smoke and Ultravision provides an innovative and unique means of addressing this problem. It has secured a network of distributors and I’m looking forward to expanding these connections using my experience in the industry to develop markets for this innovative product.”

    The first product to be launched by Asalus, which was established to commercialise the inventions of the Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT), Ultravision is a highly innovative means of handling the surgical smoke that is created by cutting instruments during laparoscopic surgery.

    Conceived by Dr Neil Warren, a specialist at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery training, Ultravision secured the CE mark in January 2014, allowing hospitals to use the system on patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery in the European Union member states.

    Since being awarded the CE mark at the beginning of the year, Asalus has secured distributors to supply the laparoscopic surgical smoke handling system to hospitals across Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia.

    Dominic Griffiths, Managing Director of Asalus, said: “Jon and Joanne join us at a crucial time in the business as we continue to roll out Ultravision across the globe. We know that with approximately six million laparoscopic procedures performed each year globally, there is a huge market for Ultravision. Both Jon and Joanne have the necessary skills, contacts and experience to enhance our team and support us with our ambitious growth plans.”

  • Asalus Medical Instruments establishes Ultravision distribution network across Europe

    Cardiff headquartered Alesi Medical Instruments is set to rapidly launch its revolutionary new technology UltravisionTM across Europe after signing a network of exclusive distributors.

    Five months after being awarded the CE mark, agreements have been established with seven distributors to supply the laparoscopic surgical smoke handling system to hospitals in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries and Ireland.

    Elemental Healthcare has the exclusive rights to distribute in the UK, excluding Ireland; Ecomed will cover the Benelux countries and France; Eurosurgical will distribute to Ireland; Euroclone will cover Italy; DACH in Austria and Switzerland; Kebomed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden; and LAMED will distribute it in Germany.

    The first product to be launched by Alesi, which was established to commercialise the inventions of the Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT), Ultravision is a highly innovative means of handling the surgical smoke that is created by cutting instruments during laparoscopic surgery.

    Conceived by Dr Neil Warren, a specialist at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery training, Ultravision secured the CE mark in January 2014, allowing hospitals to use the system on patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery in the European Union member states.

    The technology has already been met with great acclaim and won the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons’ Cutlers’ Prize for the best surgical innovation in March 2014.
    Commenting on the agreements Dominic Griffiths, Managing Director of Alesi, said “With approximately six million laparoscopic procedures performed each year globally, we are confident that there is a huge market for Ultravision.

    “We are already receiving overwhelming interest from the surgical community. It is exciting to now have a network of distributors on board to help us launch the technology across Europe. Within nine months of CE marking, we can now offer Ultravision to approximately 40 percent of the European population.

    “The distributors we have secured all have an excellent and established reputation for developing markets for innovative devices so we are delighted to have formed these partnerships and look forward to seeing how the surgical community takes advantage of this Welsh-designed technology.”

    Dr Neil Warren and Dominic Griffiths of Asalus Medical Instruments

  • Ultravision bags three awards in one week

    Asalus Medical Instruments’ revolutionary new product Ultravision has won three prestigious awards in the space of a week.

    Ultravision was awarded a nationwide prize at the Praxis Unico Impact Awards, as well as both the New Ventures and inaugural ‘People’s Choice’ Awards at this year’s Cardiff University Innovation and Impact Awards.

    The ground-breaking invention, which clears smoke created by cutting instruments during laparoscopic surgery, was conceived by Dr Warren, a specialist at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery training at Cardiff University.

    Ultravision took home the Business Impact (Aspiring) award from PraxisUnico at the glittering awards ceremony held this year in the National Museum, Cardiff. Read more…

    Dr Neil Warren & Dominic Griffiths of Asalus Medical Instruments

  • Ultravision awarded prestigious surgical innovation prize

    Asalus Medical Instruments’ revolutionary new product UltravisionTM has won a prestigious surgical innovation prize.

    UltravisionTM was awarded the Cutlers’ Surgical Prize at a special dinner at the Cutler’s Hall in London.

    The product, which received its CE mark in January 2014, is a highly innovative means of handling the surgical smoke that is created by cutting instruments created during laparoscopic surgery.

    Read more…

    Asalus scoops prestigious surgical prize

  • Asalus Medical Instruments awarded CE mark for laparoscopic surgery invention

    Asalus Medical Instruments, the company established to commercialise the inventions of the Welsh Institute of Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT), has been awarded the CE mark for UltravisionTM.

    Ultravision is the first product to be launched by the Cardiff University spin-out and is a revolutionary new technology that clears surgical smoke produced during laparoscopic surgery.

    The innovative new system rapidly clears the operative visual field of surgical smoke and simultaneously prevents its release into the operating theatre. This addresses a significant problem during laparoscopic surgery for both surgeons and nurses. Read more…

  • Asalus exhibiting at Medica, Dusseldorf, 20-23 November 2013

    Asalus will be exhibiting its revolutionary Ultravision laparoscopic surgical smoke handling system at the 2013 Medica event. Medica is one of the largest tradeshows for medical companies in the world and is taking place in Dusseldorf (Germany) from 20-23 November. The Company is being supported by the Welsh Government and will be exhibiting in Hall 16, Stand F30. In addition it will also be showcasing the technology in the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) virtual Operating Theatre display and presenting to potential Commercial Officers and buyers at 11:45 on Friday 22 November at the UK Pavilion stand in Hall 16. The Company is seeking distributors for Ultravision, pending CE mark approval in 2014.

    Medica Logo

  • Asalus exhibiting at 2013 ALSGBI conference, London, 14-15 November 2013

    Asalus will be exhibiting at the 2013 Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ALSGBI) and Association of Laparoscopic Theatre Staff (ALTS) meeting, taking place at the Royal College of Surgeons on 14 and 15 November, 2013. The Company will be presenting its revolutionary Ultravision laparoscopic surgical smoke handling system to future end-users at a conference for the first time, in anticipation of its European launch in 2014.

    ALSGBI logo

  • Alesi Surgical UK Office Cardiff Medicentre, Heath Park,
    Cardiff CF14 4UJ, United Kingdom.

    +44 (0) 29 2029 1022



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